SJCCC Cantonese Our Mission 成立宗旨

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The Mission Statement of SJCCC Cantonese Group

We will establish a Chinese Church as a faith community, bonded by love and respect,
support and acceptance.

We will nurture a strong Christian community by deepening and living our faith in God.

We will promote spiritual leadership and encourage religious vocation.

We will evangelize with our Chinese heritage and instill a sense of belonging to the community through religious, social, recreational and cultural activities.


Our Organization 我們的組織

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Upcoming Events

Feb 17: 國語新春彌撒及祭祖儀式 3 ~ 5 pm @ St. Clare, 由聖荷西天主教教區主教 Oscar Cantú 主持。當天晚上 6 時在福華海鮮茶寮與主教共進晚餐,歡迎大家參加。晚餐收費每位50 元,如欲報名參加晚餐,請聯絡 Tony Lau。

Feb 21: 聖約瑟會暨「上智之座 」 晚餐廳祈禱會 11 am ~ 12:30 pm @ Rectory Hall 。會後自費共進午膳。参加者請自備念珠及飲品 。

Feb 24: 2019 年度會員大會 3 ~ 5 pm @ St. Clare North Hall, 希望所有會員屆時出席。

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